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Think Biblically. Live Wisely. Serve Faithfully.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Think Biblically. Live Wisely. Serve Faithfully.

These six words are everywhere at Park Christian School. And not just on the signs and the letterhead. They are in the people.

There are two additional words that are everywhere at Park Christian School. They are not on the signs or the letterhead. Oh, but they are in the people.

Those two words are Love Lavishly.

Our son Adam joined the PCS Class of 2019 as an 8th grader. His classmates warmly welcomed this quiet, self-proclaimed history nerd who loves 80’s Christian music and anything he can learn about WWII. He immediately felt “at home.”

Fast forward to December 2017. In the middle of his Junior year, Adam was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Immediately his classmates, students in other grades, parents, teachers, staff and administrators - literally everyone at Park - sprang into action. They have prayed, visited, and accommodated Adam’s attendance and academics. They have overwhelmed us with their generous gifts. His classmates in Spanish III created their own t-shirt for him that truly demands its own story!!

Then came the “Eat ‘Em for Adam” fundraiser. The boys and girls’ basketball team held “grey outs” at their games. Team Adam t-shirts and grey ribbons began to show up everywhere. If you’re not familiar, grey is the color of brain cancer awareness.

I had a hard time keeping the waterworks under control when I walked into the first grey out, stood among all the grey shirts throughout the commons and the gym, and saw the grey ribbons available at the ticket table and “Eat ‘em for Adam” cups of puppy chow being sold in concessions. I fought tears again a few weeks later as we stood at the center of the gym and received the proceeds from these fundraisers, courtesy of the Falcon Boosters.

This is a long, tiring fight. Adam is at about the mid-point of his treatment. Our entire family is weary, but encouraged and energized every step of the way, due in large part to the tireless love and support we are receiving from our Park family.

“Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you have refreshed the hearts of the Lord’s people.”  Philemon 7  

Thank you  Park Christian School. You truly do: Think Biblically • Live Wisely • Serve Faithfully And Love Lavishly.

With hearts filled with gratitude, The Stevens Family Glen, Jill, Adam, Rachel, Luke and Anna

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Thursday, April 30, 2020




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