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Senior High (9-12)

Cultivating faith and relationships, a sense of obligation to others, and a culture of civic engagement.

Students at PCS are encouraged to make the best use of their high school experience by working diligently in their studies. We do this by providing our students with a rigorous curriculum including language arts, fine arts, mathematics, sciences, speech, and Biblical studies.  We believe that the effort students make during these formative years of acquiring a base of knowledge, good study habits, and a desire to learn will return great benefits in later years.

Each year, the 9th grade class travels to Washington D.C., studying our country's Christian heritage. The senior year ends with a capstone mission trip. Students often report that these trips are the highlights of their high school career.

Throughout the year, opportunities for discipleship are many; weekly chapels, Bible class, daily devotions, Spiritual Emphasis Week in the fall and Spiritual Emphasis Day in the spring as well as community service days. In addition to the time set aside for community service as a school, all students are required to complete 80 hours of community and church volunteer service prior to graduation.

The athletic programs at our school provide opportunities for our students to participate in 21 varsity sports, encouraged by an atmosphere of love and Christian community. Our school coaches strive to train our student athletes to be models of Christian sportsmanship.

Park Christian School provides enrichment through various leadership opportunities, performing arts groups, and other clubs and organizations. These programs combine to nurture in our students a well-rounded appreciation for many aspects of life beyond the classroom. Park Christian School provides our students with the advantages they will need to be successful in today's college environment. Our students graduate, prepared by the strong foundation they have received and energized by the prospect of continued learning, ready to meet these challenges with success.

Our faculty is composed of Christ following men and women who, in addition to providing an excellent preparatory education, seek to find opportunities to engage our students on a personal and spiritual level. Park Christian School faculty members instruct in their respective disciplines from a worldview that is distinctly Christian. They demonstrate for their students how Christian belief shapes and enhances understanding.