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Junior High (7-8)

We Are #PCSFalconFamily

In 7th and 8th grade, our goal at PCS is to provide a safe place where we can partner with parents to help guide students through this unique phase of life. We want students to successfully transition from the dependence of middle school to the independence of high school. We emphasize personal responsibility. We believe that the effort students make during these formative years of acquiring a base of knowledge, good study habits, and a desire to learn will return great benefits in later years.

The curriculum reinforces the basics of the elementary program and prepares students for the rigors of high school academics. Math, science, English, social studies, physical education and Bible are taught at each level. Students select electives including band, choir, art, study hall, and computers.

In September, the entire Junior High attends a retreat, focusing on relationships with each other and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The retreat allows time for serious conversations, bonding with one another, worship, and lots of memorable interactions. In 8th grade, the class participates in various fund raising activities to prepare for the trip to Washington DC in 9th grade.

Throughout the year, opportunities for discipleship are many; weekly chapels, Bible class, daily devotions, Spiritual Emphasis Week in the fall and Spiritual Emphasis Day in the spring, as well as community service days. The athletic programs of Park Christian School provide opportunities for our students to participate in competitive sports, encouraged by an atmosphere of love and Christian community. Our coaches strive to train our student athletes to be models of Christian sportsmanship. In addition to athletics, PCS provides enrichment opportunities through mathematics competitions, spelling and geography bees, yearbook, and leadership opportunities such as student government.

Park Christian junior high students stand out from the crowd. They are the kind of kids you hope your child becomes friends with. The school culture embraces mutual respect and acceptance of others. When incidents come up we believe in restorative action. Love is at the core of our conversations with students.