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Alumna Jess Nellermoe, 2012

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

One of the main truths I learned while I was a student at Park Christian is the importance of growing in the knowledge of the Lord through spending time in the Word, in fellowship, and worship; yet at the sametime how invaluable “head knowledge” is if we don’t allow the Holy Spirit to use it to change our hearts, our attitudes, and the way we live in a personal relationship with Christ.

The only way we can live like Jesus is to fix our eyes upon Him and walk in His steps with the help of the Holy Spirit. And when we look atthe way Jesus lived, it was as the ultimate servant. From conception, Jesus was humbling himself and serving the ones He created. He died for us on a cross, rose victoriously and calls us to live our lives in response to His love.  What a privilege to be called by the Lord to use our gifts for His Kingdom.

One of the main ways I can use my life to serve the Lord is through being a nurse. I love being a nurse! I’m passionate about my patients, learning their stories, and walking with them through the experiences that bring them to the hospital. I love that nursing combines deep compassion with knowledge and clinical skills. As a nurse you get to use your hands to provide tangible care and your mind to think critically and quickly. This last summer, I was humbled to receive a nursing award called the Daisy Award from a patient I cared for over three consecutive days. I was given the opportunity to care for her physically and also emotionally as she made a heart-wrenching decision during her stay at the hospital. It is encouraging to receive awards and be told we are making a difference, but that’s not why we serve and do our best. My purpose is to live for Christ and to serve in His name because He gave it all for me.

Every experience we have in life shapes us into who we are today and what a joy that we get to keep growing daily! I’m filled with gratitude to the Lord for the blessing of getting to spend 8 years of my life under the teaching, guidance, and love of the teachers, staff, and volunteers at Park Christian School. I hope and pray that the cornerstone will forever remain Jesus Christ because He changes everything.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2020




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