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A Desire Of A Mother’s Heart

Thursday, April 30, 2020

An anonymous story of blessing and impact from a new PCS family

What has God done in your lives through PCS?

“It was the deepest desire of my heart to get our son to this school. I graduated from a private school, and that gave me such security and belonging because I knew everyone was deeply invested in my life and future. I praise the Lord that we can be part of Park Christian! The change that has happened is something only Jesus could do; it’s unreal. My son has grown in amazing ways – love for Jesus and the Bible, a heart for soul winning,and in passion for learning the truth every day. What has happened in our lives because of Park is unreal; it has exceeded our expectations, which were very high to begin with! The school has totally changed my son and given him more love, obedience, and a more aggressive desire to learn and compete instead of just giving the last effort possible in order to get by. He wants to do well in school, and his heart is softer.”

What would you tell other families who are praying about partnering with PCS in this season? “The difference at Park flows partially from the staff. They aren’t just giving him academic information, but a Christ-focus in every subject he studies. Teachers are ministering to the deepest level of his heart, partnering with our family, and showing him that he really is wanted. I see it in his eyes every day! He feels like he really does matter, which is something he’s needed this year more than ever. He’s a different boy! How you’re treated affects how you’ll go out and treat others.  I’ve noticed a change in him –he holds doors for people, he is kind to absolutely everyone, and he has a new passion for his future. I see his potential to succeed has skyrocketed and financially that’s worth anything we could invest – it’s worth it one million times.”

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Thursday, April 30, 2020




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