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Park Christian School


Park Christian School provides an athletic program that develops our student-athletes through education and competition.

The athletic program provides a Christian foundation that allows our student-athletes the opportunity to grow personally, faithfully and enjoy a positive athletic experience.

Two themes makeup the foundation of what we believe a strong athletic program should be:

1) Support the academic and athletic success of each student-athlete.

Just as our teachers work to support valued academics in the classroom, our staff and coaches work to assist and encourage all student-athletes to reach their full academic potential. Our mission is to create a positive environment rich in integrity, where responsibility and excellence thrive.


2) Glorifying God through athletics.

We have the opportunity at Park Christian School to use athletics as a tool to reach people and teach them about Christ. Lessons learned on the playing field are life-long: sportsmanship, leadership, respect,honor, discipline and working toward common goals as a team. By providing a Christian foundation for our student-athletes, we hope to instill an enduring source of confidence for the students, for alumni, families and the community.

Park Christian School offers twenty-two athletic teams, clubs and co-op opportunities, with a 93% participation rate among our high school students while maintaining a 3.67 g.p.a (in 2020-2021). We also offer eight middle school teams and three elementary teams, to continue building school-wide community and investment in athletics.


Thank you for your support of the athletic program and your dedication to our student-athletes. Go Falcons!


Megan Endreson
Activities Director

Athletic Forms and Camps


PCS is a member of the Minnesota High School League

The co-op teams function under the North Dakota High School Activities Association.

PCS Athletics are live streamed via the Park Christian School YouTube channel. Student programs, chapel and concerts are also live-streamed or recorded and posted to the PCS YouTube channel.

See the athletic handbook at the back of the Directory and Handbook for fees and details relating to athletics.

High School

Boys Football                               PCS Team                                      Grades 9-12          Fall (Aug. – Nov.)

Boys Soccer                                 Co-op with Shanley/OG              Grades 9-12         Fall (Aug. – Oct.)

Boys Tennis                                  Co-op with Shanley/OG               Grades 9-12         Fall (Aug. – Oct.)

Girls Swim/Dive                           Co-op with Shanley/OG               Grades 9-12         Fall (Aug. – Nov.)

Boys/Girls Cross Country         Co-op with Shanley/OG               Grades 9-12         Fall (Aug. – Oct.)

Girls Volleyball                              PCS Team                                       Grades 9-12          Fall (Aug. – Nov.)

*Boys and Girls Trap                   PCS Team                                       Grades 6-12          Fall/Spring

Cheerleading/football                PCS Team                                       Grades 9-12          Fall (Aug.-Nov.)

Cheerleading/bball                     PCS Team                                       Grades 9-12          Winter (Nov.-March)

Boys Basketball                           PCS Team                                      Grades 9-12          Winter (Nov.-March)

Girls Basketball                            PCS Team                                      Grades 9-12          Winter (Nov.-March)

Boys Hockey                                 Co-op with Fargo South             Grades 9-12          Winter (Nov. – Feb.)

Girls Hockey                                  Co-op with Moorhead                 Grades 9-12         Winter (Nov. – Feb.)

Boys Swim & Dive                        Co-op with Fargo South             Grades 9-12         Winter (Nov. – March)  

Boys/Girls Track                           PCS Team                                      Grades 9-12         Spring (March – June)

Boys/Girls Golf                              PCS Team                                      Grades 9-12         Spring (March – June)

GirlsTennis                                     Co-op with Shanley/OG              Grades 9-12         Spring (April – June)

Girls Soccer                                   Co-op with Shanley/OG              Grades 9-12         Spring (March – June)

Boys Baseball                                Co-op with Shanley/OG              Grades 9-12         Spring (March – June)

Girls Softball                                  Co-op with Shanley/OG               Grades 9-12         Spring (March – June)


Jr. High

Jr. High seasons are approximately 8 weeks - 2 ½ months. The fees vary per sport and are listed in the handbook.

Boys Football                                 F-M Athletics                                  Grades 7-8              Fall (Aug. – Oct.)

Girls Volleyball                               PCS Team                                        Grades 7-8              Fall (Sept. – Oct.)

Boys and Girls Cross Country   Co-op with Shanley/OG               Grades 7-8              Fall (Aug.- Oct.)

Boys Tennis                                    Co-op with Shanley/OG               Grades 7-8              Fall (Aug. – Oct.)

Boys Soccer                                    Co-op with Shanley/OG               Grades 7-8              Fall (Aug. – Oct.)

Girls Swim & Dive                          Co-op with Shanley/OG               Grades 7-8              Fall (Aug. – Nov.)

*Boys and Girls Trap                     PCS Team                                       Grades 6-12            Fall/Spring

Girls Basketball                              PCS Team                                       Grades 7-8              Fall (Nov. – Dec.)

Boys Basketball                             PCS Team                                        Grades 7-8              Winter (Jan. - Feb.)

Boys/Girls Track                            PCS Team                                        Grades 7-8              Spring (March – May)

Boys/Girls Golf                               PCS Team                                        Grades 7-8              Spring (March – May)

Girls Tennis                                     Co-op with Shanley/OG                Grades 7-8              Spring (April – June)

Girls Soccer                                     Co-op with Shanley/OG                Grades 7-8              Spring (March – June)

Girls Softball                                    Co-op with Shanley/OG                Grades 7-8              Spring (March – June)

Boys Baseball                                  Co-op with Shanley/OG                Grades 7-8              Spring (March – June)


Elementary seasons are approximately 6 weeks. Practices are two days after school. Games are typically two days after school. There is no practice or games on Wednesdays. The fee for basketball and volleyball is $80/season.

Girls Basketball                              PCS Team                                        Grades 5-6                 Fall (Sept. – Oct.)

*Boys and Girls Trap                     PCS Team                                        Grades 6-12                Fall/Spring

Boys Basketball                             PCS Team                                        Grades 5-6                 Winter (Jan. – Feb.)

Girls Volleyball                               PCS Team                                        Grades 5-6                  Spring (Mar. – April)



There is a shorter fall season that starts after school starts each year. The fall season does not count toward an athlete's ranking for the state championship and is mostly just for fun. The spring season is a few weeks longer, and based on an athlete's spring season average, they are ranked Novice, JV or V for the state championship in Alexandria in June. The scheduled events are held at the Glyndon Rod and Gun Club near Downer.



$35 state registration fee per season

$66 range fee fall season

$88 range fee spring season 

Shells vary widely depending on the athlete's selection, but a ballpark is $125 per season. 

Eye and hearing protection -one time purchase 

Shotgun - one time purchase 


6th-12th grade can participate with a hunter safety certificate. Athletes must go through their home state, ND or MN. 


Contact theTrap Advisor, Jon Rude at the2rudes@outlook.com with questions.