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Friday, November 5, 2021

Being able to be in school this year has really taught me the blessing of community. There are so many opportunities to be in community at Park, each meaningful in its own way. It is almost as if our school is a worship team, and the unique parts of the team are represented by different community groups.

First, the bass guitar. This is the teachers, administration, office ladies, and janitors that make our school run. They are steady, bringing the song together by making it possible for students to learn in-person and on-line when needed. The vocals: our high schoolers. We are the voice of the school. We express what our school’s values are by the way we play other teams in sports, what we sing about, speak about, and how we love not only each other, but also everyone we meet outside of school. Next, the electric guitar: the elementary students! They bring life, joy, energy, and buzz to our school. It is so special being able to interact with them in the hallways and in their classrooms. The keys are my friends. Together we create chords and harmonies –GOD IS WORKING IN OUR SCHOOL A year of COVID through the eyes of a PCS student working together, processing what we’re learning, and talking about the hard stuff. I am so thankful to have been able to see them and learn with them everyday this year! The drums: all the extra-curriculars that Park offers. From PCS Singers and sports teams to Knowledge Bowl and Chapel, these are the things that keep students excited, engaged, motivated, and in community. And finally, the Director of it all: Jesus.

None of these communities would be possible without Jesus Christ at the head of it all. It is so evident that He has protected our school this year from major outbreaks and isolation. He uses our teachers, reaching out when a student doesn’t feel well, leading devotions, and asking hard questions about our faith. He uses the high schoolers interacting with the elementary students to make them feel loved and valued as a part of the PCS family. He uses friendships to challenge and encourage and teammates to fall on when life gets tough. In a time full of uncertainty, it is so beautiful to see the ways God is working in our school – across the room, down the hall, and in the seat in front of us!

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Friday, November 5, 2021




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