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Mrs. B. Feickert
Mrs. B. Feickert

Mrs. B. Feickert


Mrs. Feickert has been teaching at PCS since 2014. She has worked with students and taught at camps, both Christian and Art camps, as well as volunteering in Children’s ministries.  She married Michael in February 2018 and they had their daughter, Aria in December of 2018. She teaches Art and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts (BFA), with an emphasis in ceramics, from NDSU, Fargo, and a BFA in Art Education from MSU, Moorhead.

What do you love most about teaching?

Being able to connect with my students. I love watching student’s personalities and stories come out through art projects, which allows me the chance to help them creatively and personally as I talk with them about their ideas.

The best thing about following Jesus is…

that He is never not aware of where I am or what I am going through, and in that He is always ready to show me His love.