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Why Park Christian School?

The 11 Top Reasons to Choose Park Christian School

Parents select Park Christian School for a variety of reasons. We believe that our mission of Equipping students to think biblically, live wisely, and serve faithfully sets us apart from other schools in the community.

Parents top 11 reasons for choosing Park Christian School for their child are:

  1. Biblical Worldview – At the heart of a PCS education is the foundation of a Biblical worldview that is integrated throughout every class, sport, performance or activity. Every student at PCS is challenged to grow in their spiritual walk through compelling chapels, service projects, and Christ-centered role models.
  2. School Culture and Community Feel – Students at PCS become part of a nurturing community that is focused on the individual. It’s a lot like a family away from home.
  3. Quality Academics – At PCS, we take our academic program seriously by providing students with a quality education that prepares them for college and life.
  4. Testimony of Family or Friends – Talking with Park Christian families is the #1 reason why families pursue finding out more about PCS.
  5. Intentionality in developing character – Students are taught by loving Christian teachers who train both the heart and mind in the development of Godly wisdom so they may reflect the character of Jesus Christ is everything they do.
  6. Safety – Safety is our first job. At PCS, we work very hard to protect every student’s physical, emotional, social, and spiritual safety.
  7. Experience while visiting – We applaud and celebrate families researching PCS thoroughly. The President and the Principals love meeting with families for an Educational Consultation. We follow the consultation with a tour of the campus, popping into classrooms to see the kids and teachers in action. Preview Days and Kindergarten Exploration nights are specific times set aside for students to experience the PCS difference.
  8. K-12 in one building – We love this! “Park Christian School has an incredible cohesiveness, especially in a culture that splits families between two, three, or even four schools. Families can do more LIFE together because they share the same school, the same stories, the same culture." Quote from a current PCS family
  9. Availability of transportation – PCS offers a shuttle from Horace, West Fargo, and South Fargo for a fee. Bussing in Moorhead is free.
  10. Access to and quality of faculty – Not only are our faculty passionate about their faith, they are committed to instilling a love for learning in the classroom and engaging students in the pursuit of knowledge and truth.
  11. Availability of Tuition Reduction Assistance – Need based tuition reduction assistance is available up 50%. 39% of our students receive tuition reduction assistance. The average award per student is over $3,600.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to take the next step and enroll at Park Christian School.