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Phase 2 Expansion Update

Would you partner with us to help complete Phase 2?

Expansion at our current site established with the following project goals remaining…

Further Christ-centered Education
Further Academic Excellence
Place & Spaces for Students & Teachers
Strong Stewardship of Resources
Maintain Budget & Efficiencies

Plans Include:

  • Gymnasium
  • Strength and Conditioning Center
  • Locker rooms
  • Music Room
  • Fine Arts Room
  • Administration Renovation

Top 5 Questions About Phase 2

1: Have the plans for Phase 2, that were designed with Phase 1, been reviewed?

Yes! They are well designed and thought out and will meet the needs of PCS in the years to come.

2: Will the new gym be a the competition gym?

Not initially, but it is designed and will be built so that in the years ahead it can become the competition gym. The build will include a wood floor, sound system, LED lighting, and two side-by-side courts.

3: Do we need another gym?

We do! For Physical Education classes, after school activities, on-site practices, hosting programs, indoor recess, community engagement through hosting tournaments and events.

4: Why do we need additional Fine Arts space?

An emphasis of Phase 2 is to create space for the Fine Arts programming to grow and thrive. Phase 2 will provide practice rooms, sound proofing, a music classroom, a band/choir room, and space for drama rehearsals.

5: Why do we need administration space?

To enhance safety and organizational cohesiveness of Administration and the business aspect of PCS as we engage and care for students and families of PCS.

Phase 2 Updates