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Miss S. Fogderud
Miss S. Fogderud

Miss S. Fogderud


Miss Fogderud received her Bachelor’s in Music Education from North Dakota State University. She started her teaching career at Park Christian School in 2019. Previously she student taught at Fargo South High School and Eagles Elementary School and taught 4 years of private music instruction (piano, voice, guitar).

What do you like to do in your spare time?  

I love cooking, writing music, doing anything outside, and babysitting my two nieces!

Why did you choose the teaching profession?

I chose teaching because the people who have made the biggest impact in my life have been teachers. I believe that being a teacher is one of the most rewarding fields of work because teachers get to walk alongside students in some of the most exciting, flourishing times of life.

Why do you feel called into Christian education?

I feel called into Christian education because I am aware of the importance of having a life rooted in the Gospel and having an intimate relationship with Jesus. It’s a blessing to have the opportunity to not only educate students, but to also encourage them and champion them as they take their first steps with Jesus.

The best part about following Jesus is...

IT’S SO MUCH FUN! It’s always an adventure. The journey never ends. We get to use our entire life on this planet to walk with Him, learn with Him, be disciple by Him, and worship Him. Life is never boring with Jesus.