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Our Faculty & Staff

Our faculty and staff are followers of Jesus Christ and passionate ambassadors for Him. Each one of them strives to provide a safe, loving, nurturing environment for the children who are a part of the Park Christian family.

If you would like to learn more about our faculty and staff, click on an individuals photograph below.

Email Our Faculty and Staff

If you would like to e-mail our staff, e-mail addresses are as follows:

first initial + last name
(For example, John Doe's e-mail address would be

Administrative Staff

Administrative staff is listed by our President and Principals first and then alphabetically by last name.

Chris Nellermoe, Principal

Chris Nellermoe

Michael Levang, Vice Principal

Michael Levang
Vice Principal

Steven Doroff, Director of Information Technology

Steven Doroff
Director of
Information Technology

Deb Fletcher, Director of Finance

Deb Fletcher
Director of Finance

Teresa Nickel, Director of Admissions & Marketing

Teresa Nickel
Director of
Admissions & Marketing

School Support Staff

School support staff is listed alphabetically by last name.

Kaitlyn Cornell, Office Manager / Administrative Assistant

Kaitlyn Cornell
Office Manager
Administrative Assistant

Heidi Daugherty, Hot Lunch Coordinator

Heidi Daugherty
Hot Lunch Coordinator

Shari Eggiman, Development Assistant

Shari Eggiman
Development Assistant

Karen Ernst, Human Resources/Business Office

Karen Ernst
Human Resources
Business Office

Carol Harmelink, Receptionist

Carol Harmelink

Jennie Hoven, Guidance

Jennie Hoven
Guidance Counselor

Judy Hultin, Communications Assistant

Judy Hultin
Graphic Designer
Communications Assistant

Stephanie Lien, Lunch/Recess Supervisor

Stephanie Lien
Lunch/Recess Supervisor

Joel Newton, Physical Plant Manager

Joel Newton
Physical Plant Manager

Kurt Motschenbacher, Activities Director & Strength/Conditioning Director

Kurt Motschenbacher
Activities Director &
Strength/Conditioning Director

Diane Olson, Librarian

Diane Olson

Julie Noyes, Registrar/Administrative Assistant

Julie Noyes
Administrative Assistant

Anne Schneider, School Nurse

Anne Schneider
School Nurse

Alfred Tofibam, Custodian

Alfred Tofibam

Elementary Teaching Staff

Teaching staff is listed by grade (K-6).

Debra Leedahl, Kindergarten Teacher

Debra Leedahl
Kindergarten Teacher

Hannah Ryding, Kindergarten Teacher

Hannah Ryding
Kindergarten Teacher

Betsy Grinder, First Grade Teacher

Betsy Grinder
First Grade Teacher

Shelly Allen, Kindergarten Teacher

Shelly Allen
First Grade Teacher

Kristen Reinowski, Second Grade Teacher

Kristen Reinowski
Second Grade Teacher

Barb Volla, Second Grade Teacher

Barb Volla
Second Grade Teacher

Hayley Johnson, Third Grade Teacher

Hayley Johnson
Third Grade Teacher

Christian Pletcher, Third Grade Teacher

Christina Pletcher
Third Grade Teacher

Roselyn Watson, Third Grade Teacher

Roselyn Watson
Third Grade Teacher

Elise Mickelson, Fourth Grade Teacher

Elise Mickelson
Fourth Grade Teacher

Kimberly Nordby, Fourth Grade Teacher

Kimberly Norby
Fourth Grade Teacher

Brook Spaulding, First Grade Teacher

Brook Spaulding
Fifth Grade Teacher

Tracy Stiker, Fifth Grade Teacher

Tracy Stiker
Fifth Grade Teacher

Lance Hansen, Sixth Grade Teacher

Lance Hansen
Sixth Grade Teacher

Kris Weinberger, Fifth Grade Teacher

Kris Weinberger
Sixth Grade Teacher

Jenny Browning, Kindergarten Teacher

Jenny Browning
SMART Teacher

Melinda Hollenbeck, Band & Music Teacher

Melinda Hollenbeck
Band & Music Teacher

Melissa Horky, Choir & Music Teacher

Melissa Horky
Choir & Music Teacher

Chrystal Deringer, Physical Education & Recess Supervisor Teacher

Chrystal Deringer
Physical Education Teacher
Recess Supervisor

Eve Riendeau, Supportive Services

Eve Riendeau
Supportive Services

Brooke Stewart, Art/Evangelism Teacher

Brooke Stewart
Art/Evangelism Teacher

Junior & Senior High Teaching Staff

Teaching staff is listed alphabetically by last name.

Amanda Biebighauser, Calculus Teacher

Amanda Biebighauser
Math Teacher

Lawton Burgstahler, Computer/Business Teacher

Lawton Burgstahler
Computer/Business Teacher

Megan Endreson, Spanish Teacher

Megan Endreson
Spanish Teacher

Chad Englund, Bible Teacher

Chad Englund
Bible Teacher

Julie Faul, English Teacher

Julie Faul
English Teacher

Kathy Hanson, Math Teacher

Kathy Hanson
Math Teacher

Melinda Hollenbeck, Band & Music Teacher

Melinda Hollenbeck
Band & Music Teacher

Melissa Horky, Choir & Music Teacher

Melissa Horky
Choir & Music Teacher

Dawn Howe, Social Studies/Bible Teacher

Dawn Howe
Social Studies/Bible Teacher

Brianna Isaak, English Teacher

Brianna Isaak
English Teacher

Matt Larson, Social Studies/Bible Teacher

Matt Larson
Social Studies/Bible Teacher

Josh Lee, Health/Physical Education

Josh Lee
Health/Physical Education Teacher

Andria Messelt, Bible Teacher

Andria Messelt
Bible Teacher

Jeremy Nelson, Social Studies Teacher

Jeremy Nelson
Social Studies Teacher

Krista Rankin, Science Teacher

Krista Rankin
Science Teacher

Nancy Schnabel, Science Teacher

Nancy Schnabel
Science Teacher

Brooke Stewart, Art/Evangelism Teacher

Brooke Stewart
Art/Evangelism Teacher